10 thoughts that affect Logo Design

By 15 September, 2017Branding, Design, Top Tips
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10 questions to great logo design

Before starting any project it’s essential to get the right information from your client – who they are, what they do, where they stand in their industry – and condensing this information into an appropriate, immediately identifiable logo is key to making them stand out from the crowd.

Since we know a thing or two about branding, we thought we’d put together this list of 10 questions to ask yourself when thinking about a new logo for your company. You may find a lot of these tie into the brand identity itself, and that’s OK – the stronger the sense of brand, the more definitive the logo, after all…

1. How would you describe your services and/or products?

Let the client tell you in the simplest terms what they do. Establish the industry and their market.

2. What are the long term goals of your company?

Important to know what your client is aiming for – after all, the logo will be important in taking them there!

3. Who are your main competitors?

Who is their main competition right now? Who do they want to be competing against? What is their USP compared to their rivals? Understanding their industry will help you to create a stand-out logo for them.

4. Who are your customers?

Are they online only? Face to face? How old are they? As with most client design, the target audience is a key determining factor when it comes to style and approach.

5. How will the logo be used?

Will it be mainly seen on the web or in print? Perhaps it’ll mostly be used for video, and your client is after something a bit more animated. Either way, knowing what the logo will be doing is key to making sure it’s fit for purpose.

6. Why do you want a new logo?

This is how you understand the problem – is it a new business looking to make its mark, or a complete re-brand? What does the client want the new logo to accomplish?

7. What adjectives should best describe your logo?

This one might seem a bit esoteric, but it’s important – with this your client is telling you how they see their business, and the impact they want their logo to have on their audience.

8. Do you have any specific imagery in mind for your logo?

This could be a particular icon or design choice that your client identifies with, or it may be an element of an existing logo that they wish to keep for continuity. Discuss colour preferences and brand palettes, and be sure to establish any colours that they don’t wish to use.

9. Do you have a strap line?

A good strap line summarises what the brand stands for in a few key words. If your client has one, would they like it stated alongside the logo? It may be difficult to integrate text into the design afterwards, so be clear beforehand.

10. How would you like the typography to look?

Many logos incorporate text (take a look at ours), and how this text looks is as important as the logo design – will it utilise an off-the-shelf font? Custom lettering? Will the words be italicised or buncheduptogether? Great icon design can be easily undone with inappropriate typography, so be sure to talk it through with your client.

Beyond this it’s important to establish budget and timescales, as it is with any client work; however there’s also the opportunity to offer ancillary services like business card designs, letterheads, brochures or whatever you might be able to provide. If you’ve taken the time to go through these questions with your client then you should have an effective, on-point logo to work with – and a satisfied client who’s eager to work with you again!

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