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7 November, 2018

How well are CMSs being utilised?

How well are CMS’s being utilised? The performance of your website comes down too many factors, but a large proportion comes down to how well you’ve optimised your site. In...
31 October, 2018

Going to the dark side.

An inside look at the dark web. If you have an interest in all things digital you may have heard of the dark web, well since my last blog ‘A...
24 October, 2018

Doing more with less…

Imagine the scenario… Your Manchester dealer is screaming for 200 new brochures for an exhibition they are attending, in the South West they need some personalised posters for a new...
17 October, 2018

How does marketing automation work?

Marketing Automation is a hot topic right now. It’s being heralded as the future of marketing, the link between sales & marketing and the tool to deliver personalised journeys at...
10 October, 2018

SSL Certificates – What, why, how?

If you’ve browsed the web recently, you may have noticed a little padlock in your search bar: And chances are at some point you’ve visited a website only to be...
10 July, 2018

Your computer, a hackers playground?

    The evolution of technology has maximised to the degree in which our cyber-culture relies on it. Daily, we use the computer-generated network for communications, entertainment and business needs....
4 July, 2018

Account Based Marketing for Business to Business

Account based marketing is everywhere. Or at least the phrase Account Based Marketing is everywhere as when I dig down there seems to be a sizable gap between the words…

22 June, 2018

Marketing Automation with the CIM

Marketing automation has exploded in the past 3 years bringing together mature technologies to produce a reliable method of producing personalised customer journeys at scale.  It’s well used by big...
25 April, 2018

Beach Visit 10 Downing Street

We were thrilled recently to be invited to Number 10 Downing Street to meet with the PM’s business policy adviser, Jimmy McLoughlin. As a member of Enterprise Nation, it was...
Beach News
27 February, 2018

WIN Tickets for MKGeekNight

We've got three tickets to give away to any fellow geeks out there who'd like to attend the next evening on Thursday 1st march 2018. Held at the MK Gallery...
Computer and coffee photo Branding
27 October, 2017

Branding made simple

Developing a strong and consistent brand can add value to your business in much the same way as any other asset would do. It will also help you build  with...
CMYK colour tiger graphic Design
20 October, 2017

Colour formats – know your RGB from your CMYK

A quick guide to different colour formats and how to use them... These acronyms may look like industry jargon, but it can be useful to understand colour abbreviations and their...
Office example Choosing an agency
13 October, 2017

Choosing a marketing agency – five things to avoid!

What not to do when choosing your marketing agency I know that clients have to choose a marketing agency somehow, but is it just me, or is the old fashioned...
Wordpress logo NewsWebsites
29 September, 2017

Top tips for updating your website.

So your website is finished and online, but that's only just the beginning. To get a higher search engine ranking (and so more traffic your way), it's important to keep...
sketches of dogs BrandingDesignTop Tips
15 September, 2017

10 thoughts that affect Logo Design

10 questions to great logo design Before starting any project it's essential to get the right information from your client – who they are, what they do, where they stand...
social media apps on screen
3 January, 2017

Social media in the business place

Making social media work for your business Connecting with your customers is the easy part. Staying connected and engaging with them is critical and where many businesses fall down. It’s...
responsive website examples Websites
28 April, 2015

Is your website Responsive?

You may have heard of #MobileGeddon in the press last week, the aptly named change to the way Google ranks websites in the search results. But you may not be...
Luminous House Beach News
3 February, 2014

Beach Marketing expands into Milton Keynes!

Some of you may have noticed that the big R is not so big now with both statistics and key commentators suggesting growth of 2.5% in 2014. On the crest...

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