Doing more with less…

By 24 October, 2018News
Reef Web to print brand portal software

Imagine the scenario…

Your Manchester dealer is screaming for 200 new brochures for an exhibition they are attending, in the South West they need some personalised posters for a new customer campaign they are running, and the Birmingham dealer is wondering where their promotional pens have got to…the stress is high and to cap it all your demanding internal colleagues all have urgent marketing requests that are turning your day into a nightmare…

Managing the constant stream of orders for brochures, point of sale, email campaigns and promotional items can be a major resource hungry headache for those responsible for marketing. Now there is a solution.

Reef™ – is a custom built platform that enables manufacturers to take control of their channel marketing strategy to emppower their resellers and dealers to personalise pre-designed marketing templates for their own local marketing activity – all from the convenience of their own desktop.

There are many benefits to Reef including:

  • Just in time digital print ensures you only order what you need, reducing costs and waste and giving flexibility for future revisions if promotional offers, prices or regulations change.
  • Templates for all printed material are all protected so even a novice can use the system meaning no more s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d logos or different fonts or colours. When you need control and protection of your brand, Reef really can make the difference when allowing non-marketeers access to your marketing materials.
  • Design and artwork costs are substantially lowered as the amended versions aren’t racking up amend costs and lead time is reduced as you sign the job off at the same time saving to-and-fros with your marketing agency.
  • Users also have the opportunity to customise content and create more targeted communications. For example a ‘one size fits all’ welcome pack can be tailored by branches with different contact details to suit local markets.

Many companies already benefit from Reef™ including Hayter Lawnmowers, part of the global Toro Company, SATO a global barcode printer manufacturer and distributor, and Waddington Europea a major European force in thermoformed packaging. However Reef is not just for large companies as a host of other smaller companies in the UK are benefiting by ordering directly online taking advantage of branded templates that can be edited for local needs.

For more information on how your marketing could be revolutionised with brand protection and cost savings call us on 01604 239837 for a free demo.