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Your brand is how you’re perceived by your audience. It’s the culmination of reputation, design, tone of voice, service, people, product quality and after care all rolled into one. A great brand takes time to create, below we look at how beach marketing can help you develop your brand strategy and implement it across your business.

Discover what a internal brand audit is

Internal audits

The term ‘brand development’ is really shorthand for all the actions we take to influence your market perception.  The first step is to formalise where you currently stand comparing your business directly to your competitors.  The second step is to know that it doesn’t matter what you think you are, all the matters is what your audience thinks you are.  A Brand Audit is used to formalise the two ends of this spectrum and quantify the shortfall.

What is corporate positioning use for in brand strategy.

Corporate positioning

This is perhaps the broadest aspect of marketing where product quality, pricing, process effectiveness, communications, behaviour, accessibility, inclusion and delivery all come together.  Think of the brands you recognise or those that you buy or support. How are those businesses positioned and how is that position represented throughout the customer journey?

Discover what a internal brand audit is

Competitor audits

Your customers have a choice, why should they chose you?  The point of the competitor audit is to identify what makes you different in your market place, how do you standout and why.  When customers are looking to buy, they don’t always know the best solution and it’s your brands job to help them choose you.

Product naming

Bringing your products to life is part of what we do.  Developing your brand architecture and naming conventions helps customers quickly identify your products over your competitors.  Some industries look for stand out using unusual names (like Dead Happy, a UK life insurance provider) while others stick with a practical approach (like iPhone, iPad and iMac).  The question of product naming is more valuable than it first appears.

What is brand architecture?

Brand architecture

A brand is a living, breathing entity. It has levels and influences peoples’ perception of your business, how much it’s worth and whether they want to engage you.  When looking at the structure of your brand, it’s products and services can fall into many categories.  Brand Architecture is the process of ensuring that the overall structure adds value to your customers, not complexity.  The 4 types of brand architecture are: Branded House, Sub Brands, Endorsed Brands, and House of Brands.


How to discover your companies core values & beliefs.

Core values & beliefs

Simon Sinek speaks far better on this subject than we can, “When the things you say and the things you do are in alignment with what you actually believe, a thriving culture emerges. Moving values off the wall and into the everyday actions of the team is the easiest and most inspiring way to build a values based organization.”

Go to market strategy

How do you bring your new idea to life, turn it into the next big thing and deliver it to market faster and more effectively than your competitors? That’s the focus of a ‘Go To Market’ strategy.  This is a crucial stage in your products’ life, don’t stuff it up.  Instead, employ a highly creative, highly motivated b2b marketing agency, focused on delivering results. Like us!

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Brand development

Your brand encapsulates everything your customers know about you. It’s more than your logo or website, it goes beyond your products and services. It’s how the customer perceives your brand. It doesn’t matter if you’re products are faster, lighter and stronger than your competitors, it only matters that the market knows they are.



The advent of digital marketing means every step can be tracked, measured and modified. Data is behind everything to do with digital marketing from user experience and tracking customer journeys; behaviours, design preferences and traffic flows through websites and creative effectiveness through a/b testing.


Creative services

Creativity. The staple product of agencies the world over. No wrong answers just pure creativity that delivers in line with the brand driven from a different perspective that builds confidence, trust and reassurance.


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