Say goodbye to multiple systems. Say hello to one scalable platform.

Let’s talk about your typical Mar-Tech Stack


  • Disconnected from one another
  • Individual contracts and fees
  • Several databases to work with
  • Piecemeal analytics
  • Stressed remaining compliant with GDPR
  • Who do you contact when things go wrong?

Today’s technology stack is nearly impossible to manage

But what if there was a Marketing Automation that did it all?

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Marketing Automation like Sonar combines all your Mar-Tech platforms into one.

Sonar is a fully integrated
Marketing Automation

  • One easy-to-learn platform
  • Connected and seamless
  • Unified database
  • Unified analytics = end-to-end ROI
  • Compliance friendly (GDPR, CASL, etc.)
  • Unlimited phone support for the entire app

Every element works together to help you drive leads and sales for your business.

Sonar’s powerful marketing makes your sales opportunities easy to win.

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Marketing Automation aligns sales & marketing

See an end-to-end picture of the customer journey, from first interaction to conversion and beyond.

Track leads acquired through both online and offline channels, including phone calls.

Create automatic email marketing campaigns based on the behaviour of your leads.

Know which campaigns are most effective and increase number of leads that come in without increasing spend.

Sonar Align Sales with Marketing

Use VisitorID to identify anonymous web visitors, and easily create new lead records using the integrated CRM.

Focus time on sales-ready leads that have already been nurtured with relevant content and prioritised with custom lead scoring.

See the complete history of every lead, and shape your sales pitch around his or her specific interests.

Create alerts for salespeople on hot lead activity so they can immediately reach out whenever a lead demonstrates interest in making purchase.

All this is made possible with accurate lead scoring.

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Life of Lead

Sonar Marketing Automation scores leads from cold to hot

Dynamic Lead Scoring

Sonar’s dynamic lead scoring adapts to your business needs, allowing you to tailor setting to match your objectives and sales strategies. This means you can score leads based on criteria that matter most to you, ensuring your sales team can focus on the most promising prospects.

  • Adjust lead scoring parameters to align with your specific goals.
  • Use detailed insights to create personalised engagement strategies.
  • Spend less human time on cold leads and more time closing deals.

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more sales with Sonar?

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