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The Beach, Jaws, Saving Private Ryan and Point Break – all great films, all featuring a beach, but which one is our favourite?

During lock-down we’ve had quite a lot of time on our hands. So, there’s been some debate on whether we should use that time wisely (learning new skills or spending time with family) or frivolously watching old movies to see how they stack up today.

We’re beach marketing so the first quest was to find the best film with a beach.  We started compiling a list, which quickly became a long list with questions like “doesn’t Dr No have a beach in it?”, “does ‘Saving Private Ryan’ count?” and “what the heck is ‘Zorba the Greek’?”.

Rotten Tomatoes
IMDB Score
Jaws (1975)
Point Break (1991)
Saving Private Ryan
The Beach

After getting over the fact the Point Break was seriously underrated and if Saving Private Ryan isn’t a solid 9 I’m not sure what is – we set to work trying to decide which was best when someone sent a shock wave through our ideas. A short film so mighty we couldn’t believe we’d over looked it. No, it wasn’t the end scene in 2001: A space Odyssey but almost as big!

And at Number 1 The Beach Showreel

120 seconds of beach powered awesomeness that could change lives forever!  (editors note – Well, at least it might change your marketing agency partner for the next 5-7 years anyway – I suspect the ‘change lives forever’ is a bit of an exaggeration from the copywriter. )

So, without further ado, strap in for the greatest film ever made about a beach – 2minutes and 1 seconds of absolute, eye popping, thumb stopping, brain melting, heart pumping brilliance from start to finish – our showreel!! Featuring a new brand, new message and new focus. We’re here to help you accelerate your clients buying cycle through for more leads, more sales and better ROI through creative and intelligent marketing.