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So your website is finished and online, but that’s only just the beginning. To get a higher search engine ranking (and so more traffic your way), it’s important to keep a regularly updated online presence. Of course, it’s not just about search rankings – a well-managed and current home page also shows potential clients that your business is keeping busy. With that in mind, here are our top tips for website maintenance…

Be hot off the press.

It sounds obvious enough, but news updates are a great way of letting your followers know about any business developments, from announcing new contracts to upgrading to a shiny new premises. Show potential clients that your business is always working and always moving forward, and they’ll be more inclined to move with you.

Blog about it.

Blogs are a great way of keeping your website updated with relevant content, and they give you the forum to comment on any hot industry topics or promote other businesses or services without derailing your front page. As well as that, blog posts are a great way to highlight your expertise in your field – which in turn attracts new readers and more potential clients.

Tell a thousand words.

For delivering messages with precision and clarity the written word is still king, but who wants to visit a website consisting of nothing but text? Images and video are great for showcasing your work, promoting your clients and reviewing products and services, and frequently updated visual content is essential for keeping a vibrant web presence. Remember to add descriptions to your visuals though, or else the search engines won’t have anything to look for…

Let your clients do the talking.

Completed that big job? Now that you’ve blogged about it and shared images of the final product, let your client tell everyone about the great work you’ve done. Customer testimonials are a fantastic way of building content, they promote your client in turn, and most importantly they show potential customers that you’re trustworthy and capable of doing the job. Whether it’s by text or video, make sure that you’re promoting the good work you do.

Share and share alike.

Social media was made for sharing, so use it to its full potential. Link from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or whatever network you’re on to draw people to your site with regular, fresh and relevant content. Make sure you target the right communities with your posts though, and remember to engage with your audience as much as possible on the platforms you’re using – no-one responds well to mindless spam!

Consistency is key.

We’re going offline a little bit with this one, but make sure that every element of your business is aligned. Be consistent with your logo, font, palette and tone of voice across both your website and your physical marketing collateral, so that your market instantly recognises your brand – and perhaps also notices quite how professional you look…

If you follow these basic steps for website maintenance you should see increases in readership, page rank and quality in no time – which all means potential customers being more likely to find you when they’re researching your field, and more importantly, liking what they see when they do find you…

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