Marketing automation


Marketing automation


The B2B Marketing Automation
Agency for Rapid Lead Generation

Turn your marketing on autopilot and generate an automated pipeline of leads for your business.
We’re Beach Marketing, your B2B Marketing Automation Agency for Manufacturers. Builders and Makers of Things.

Work with us to

01. Gain data-driven insights

02. Generate and nurture leads

03. Improve ROI

Enhance Customer Relationships

With marketing automated, leaves room to track, nurture, and keep leads and current customers within the buying cycle.

Improve Lead Qualification

Eliminate the tedious tasks. Our Marketing Automation strategies uses demographic and behaviour data to qualify leads.

Accelerate Sales Automation

Activate Sales Automation by automating your sales processes, seamlessly transforming leads into loyal customers.

Engaging Communication

Keep the conversation flowing with top-tier Email Automation and ensure your message hits home every time.

How it works

The B2B Marketing Automation Agency for Accelerating Growth

Many businesses struggle to implement the strategies that are made possible with marketing automation, but working with Beach Marketing, it’s done for you. From creating content and building landing pages to writing email sequences and setting up all the workflows, we pave the way for a seamless customer experience.

Dive into Predictive Analytics

Utilise data-driven insights to pinpoint where your leads are and how best to engage them. Predictive analytics enables future-ready forecasts, predicting market trends and customer behaviours that position your strategies ahead of the curve. Our dynamic champaign adjustments enable us to monitor, pivot, and optimise campaigns for top engagement and conversions

Advanced Sales Funnel Optimisation

Nurture leads at every stage and enhance conversion rates with sales automation. Your sales funnel isn’t just a pathway – it’s a journey. And like every journey, each stage has its own unique challenges and opportunities. Nurture every lead, optimise every touchpoint, and engage every potential customer with Beach Marketing.

Integrate CRM Automation

Streamline your processes and make lead management and customer retention more effective. With B2B sales and marketing, efficiency and precision are key. Integrating CRM with marketing automation unleashes new capabilities. From automated workflows to marketing synergy, Beach Marketing transforms your pipeline from a linear process into a dynamic ecosystem.

Committed to Constant Improvement

Don’t set and forget. Maximise your ROI by monitoring and refining campaign performance and tweaking strategies for optimal outcomes. Working with Beach, your marketing automation will revolve around success, and evolve around trends.


A Complete Marketing Automation Package

Clear Marketing Automation Strategy

Develop messages, USP, branding and the wider marketing mix that includes your website, SEO, email marketing and more.

Effective Sales Automation Strategy

Improve sales systems and processes to convert more leads successfully.

Website Design & UX

Create converting landing pages with an in-house design team.

Compelling Content

Blogs, eBooks, videos and more distributed from every touchpoint.

Integrated CRM

Don’t let a single lead slip through the net with integrated CRM technology.

Nurture & Follow-up

Deliver emails, retarget and keep those leads warm email marketing automation

Measure & Track

Set up systems to measure inbound calls, emails, and form submissions. Track what happens to every new contact after initial enquiry.

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Let’s talk, chat, email,
however you like to make
things happen.
01604 239837 or email