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Our B2B Marketing Tech Stack

“Do more with less”, I keep hearing this and never has it been more relevant. In the age of AI, it’s a fact that the rapid pace of advancement has enabled us to do more with less. As part of that process, we’re taking a look at the ultimate tech stack for B2B marketers to step up their game to stay ahead of the competition. No list is comprehensive, especially not in today’s market, but here’s a list of SaaS marketing solutions that we’ve tried and tested. Some you probably know, and some you probably won’t.

We’ve tried to cover a tech stack that empowers B2B marketers to streamline their workflows across acquisition, engagement, conversions, data and project management. The aim, as always, is to achieve a higher return on investment for your business by automating repetitive tasks, analysing data more effectively, and engaging prospects through personalised campaigns.

It’s also fair to point out that bringing on new solutions probably means leaving older ones behind, so be prepared to throw away some of the old, outdated tools that you know and love to make way for the shiny new ones. It’s often easier said than done, given these legacy tools are often the most entrenched but, with an up-to-date tech stack you’re able to commit to delivering a forward thinking, pro-active marketing output with fewer people and less resource.

Let’s dive in.

Project Management

ClickUp continues to smash competitors like with superior usability and integration capabilities.  Even the free plan offers a huge range of features for marketing teams whether in-house, agency, or hybrid.

Sales Team Management is a sales game-changer for Enterprise level clients. If you’re a small business with a handful of staff then give this one a miss but, if you’re managing a large sale team and want to rapidly learn what’s working, and what’s not, check out – AI powered sales generation.

Marketing Automation

Sonar (Beach Marketing) is a fully comprehensive marketing automation platform that allows users to capture, and nurture leads through the buying cycle. With a complete set of tools, like CRM, email marketing, automation, social media, Ads, and more makes it far superior to competitors like Pardot, Marketo, and Act On.

Email Marketing is great if you’re looking for something that is primarily focused on email marketing. It gives you the tools and database to quickly engage and scale your email program, even if you’re starting from scratch.


Ahrefs remains my preferred choice over SEMrush, providing comprehensive insights for effective search engine optimisation. I know there’s a lot of chat about this, but that’s my experience.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is changing the way we capture leads on B2B sites. Winaware incentivises users to leave feedback on your content, blog, webpage, etc… The feedback includes a quick registration process through LinkedIn or Google, meaning you get contact information that significantly boosts conversion rates.

Session Rewind If you’re looking for an alternative to HotJar or Crazy Egg then Session Rewind could be for you, offering a more nuanced view of user interactions on landing pages. If you’re looking to keep costs down then Microsoft Clarity should be your first port of call, giving a great overview of interactions and engagement.

Image Library

Unsplash a free, photo resource for high-quality, affordable stock images. You’ll also find that the images tend to look less ‘stocky’ than other sources. It’s worth noting that since I started using them, Unsplash have been purchased by Shutterstock and now present paid for images along with royalty free but it’s still worth a look.

Artificial intelligence

ChatGPT 4 If you’re not using ChatGPT V4 Turbo then it’s the biggest, single upgrade you need to make. At only £20 p/month it’s an absolute bargain. It also includes a range of GPT Agents and Dall-E image production.

I hope this list helps you update your Tech Stack. The big one for me is ChatGPT 4. If nothing else, go get this product. As AI continues to update how we do business we’ll need to update how we get things done. Hopefully each of these tools will help you tackle a challenge in your business. The aim is not just to provide a list of tools but to help cut through the noise, adding another data point that you can trust. I’m not affiliated with any of these manufacturers, and this isn’t a funnel for something else.

So go and review your tech stack, try out some of the options here or search for others that can solve your day-to-day challenges.

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