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How well are CMS’s being utilised?

Effective CMS Utilisation – The performance of your website depends on many factors. But a large proportion of its performance is a result of how well your website is optimised. In today’s market, most of the optimisations necessary are handled via your CMS (content management system). Most modern CMS are similar and operate on a fairly level playing field.

But when we look at our clients’ websites we’re always surprised to see the variation in website optimisation. So, is there a trend based on the CMS they’re using? Or how effectively they are being utilised.

Data Analysis

We compiled data for some of the most popular CMS’s to see how well they perform for UK websites. Not just how well they perform but how well they have implemented best practice. We also compared  key areas like;

  • mobile responsiveness,
  • search engine optimisation,
  • social media presence,
  • SSL security,
  • presence of custom 404s, meta data etc.

All scores are out of 100.

Drupal Joomla Squarespace Wix WordPress
Average overall score 62 55.9 74.2 64.8 67.9
Mobile responsive 66 63 92 77 84
Backlinks Score 37 14 4 7 12
Has a Robots.txt 91 89 96 64 89
Has a Sitemap.xml 44 23 90 95 59
WWW Redirection 45 28 94 94 87
Use an Analytics Tool 78 53 39 78 61
Has Metadata 57 39 97 44 82
Is SSL Secured 27 18 50 2 27
Has Custom 404 83 56 95 23 83



By looking at the data you can see that the implementation of best practices has been adopted far better on some CMSs. For example, Squarespace websites score highly across most factors. Conversely, sites built in Joomla trail in a lot of areas.

This implies that some CMSs have been designed to support optimisations straight out of the box. Conversely, others require more manual action.

Effective CMS Utilisation -Why does it matter?

All these factors are taken into account when a search engine crawls your website. So your search rankings are informed by this information. Consequently, optimising your website against all of these areas creates the best chance of ranking higher than your competitors.

Do you know where your website would score?

So, sign up today for a free audit if you want to know how your website scores compared with your top three competitors. Then, we’ll score your site out of 100. Finally, we will show you exactly where your website could be improved and where it’s performing well.