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Sales & Marketing – A Match Made…

Marketing and Sales Alignment. Sales & Marketing Alignment. Together. Joined at the hip. Or not. The world of marketing has shrunk and depending on your business and your outlook can now be limited to either simple promotional ideas or the good old view covering the seven Ps (Product, Pricing, Place, Promotion, People, Proof and Process).

The growth of marketing disciplines

At the same time each of these disciplines has expanded into a discipline all of its own. As a consequence we have finance and pricing, logistics and distribution, people management and recruitment or process development and control.

Sales has extended into business development, CRM and maybe Account-Based Marketing. But through all the buzzwords Sales is still about the ownership of the relationship with the customer.

Sales & Marketing – an integrated approach…

Within all of this an integrated approach appears to be the exception rather than the rule. It is still too easy for Marketing to be busily posting away on social media, linking to all and sundry and running campaigns across the broadest spectrum of media that has ever been available with little understanding of the overall business objectives or what Sales or the business as a whole is trying to achieve.

Consequently, the “funnel” can get very messy with different areas addressing the same clients, potential clients and prospects. In the worst case leading to confused messaging, dysfunctional timelines or prospects being ignored rather than supported in their journey.

How much of this rings true for your business? Is there a job to be done to bring sales and marketing, marketing and sales together in a greater understanding of the customer journey? Effectively integrating with effective digital assets, CRM, website development and client development? This is CRM and more specifically – Sonar. An intelligent CRM system that allocates points to your prospects and provides an objective numerical value to their position in the buying cycle.

Put this together with an effective Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach and we may be getting close to sales and marketing nirvana.


Let’s talk and bring sales and marketing together.

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