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Social Media Management


The B2B Social Media Agency for
Audience Reach & Changing Perception

Make an impact and change the way your audience thinks and feels about your brand with Beach Marketing, your B2B Social Media Agency for Manufacturers, Builders and Makers of Things.

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Beach Marketing - The B2B Social Media Agency

Bridge the gap between you and your audience. We’re the B2B Social Media Agency, and our beachfront strategy is where innovation meets conversation, and you meet your market.

Industry Experience

Decades spent listening to the waves of B2B trends and developments makes us the seasoned choice.

Tailored Strategies

Custom-fit your social media strategies and benefit from every trend and disruption.

Innovative Tools

With tools like Social Listening, keeps you ahead of the tide, capturing real-time insights that drive decisions.

Omni-channel Excellence

Keep a consistent customer journey, connect all your customer touchpoints, and unify messages across all marketing activities.

How it works

The B2B Social Media Agency that Elevates your Brand and adds Value

B2B Social media is more than posting regular updates, it demands the nuances of professional networking, brand positioning, and audience engagement. So how do you get there?

Understanding how B2B audiences interact with social media is key. At Beach Marketing, we don’t craft messages before deep market research. We dive into your industry, audience, and competitors. It’s about tuning into the conversations already happening and identifying where your brand fits.

Define Channel Strategies for B2B

Not all platforms serve the same purpose. LinkedIn is invaluable for thought leadership and networking, Twitter for real-time updates and trends, Facebook for community building, and Instagram for visual storytelling. Our strategies harness the strength of each with platform-specific content. And, if a social platform isn’t the right fit, we won’t place them in your strategy for the sake of social presence.

Redefine Perceptions with Insights & Social Listening

Imagine if you could overhear what the market whispers about your brand? With social listening, that’s not just possible – it’s a promise. Monitor discussions to find out how people perceive your brand and services. Amplify or reshape those opinions with these insights and your brand’s true image. At Beach Marketing, we engage with your audience, turning passive listeners into active brand advocates.

Omni-Channel Marketing: Unify Messaging Across Digital

Compliment your digital marketing efforts with social media. Rather than social media being a separate entity from your other marketing activities, align it with your overall digital marketing strategy and drive and omni-channel approach that unifies your message across other disciplines. At Beach Marketing, we combine your digital marketing with social media to create a strong brand image that supports your strategic objectives within SEO, PPC and Content Marketing.

Champion Audience Reach

When it comes to B2B social media, it’s the creative ways to reach your audience that make a difference. From paid social campaigns to B2B influencer collaborations and networking groups, we outline every possible way to put your brand in front of the right people.

Ephemeral Content: Now you see it, now you don’t

Engage, educate, and inspire an untapped audience of B2B advocates with ephemeral content. Ephemeral content is the video you see on social stories, the one that disappears after 24 hours. Typically, ephemeral content has served the B2C market well, but trends suggest that there’s room for interest in the B2B space. Stories are most popular on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, but with young B2B employees consuming content on these platforms, sparks an opportunity for B2B brands that educates and inspires. Create a pool of talent that only knows your brand, but become advocates. At Beach Marketing, we’re all about coming up with creative ideas, like this, to propel your business as a pioneer in the world of social media.

Drive Pipeline with a whole new Sales Channel

Why restrict your market reach to traditional channels? Social media is the bustling marketplace where B2B conversations thrive.

Craft compelling narratives that resonate with your audience, drive sales through stories in Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Whether it’s a tweet, share or comment, we ensure each direct engagement is a step towards conversion. Amplify these stories with paid social and you’re not just seen, you’re remembered.

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A Complete B2B Social Media Agency Package

B2B Audience Clarity

Kickstart with finding your audience and understand their opinions.

Brand Story Definition

Combine the brand they know and love with a winning content plan.

Channel Strategy

Champion the channels that align with your brand, but explore opportunities in those that don’t.

Creative Content

Use dynamic media formats to deliver creative content.

Community Interaction

Respond to conversations taking place in your industry.

Social Advertising

Amplify your reach with paid social ads.

Reporting & Insights

Revel in your success and analyse the results. Use these insights to take your strategy further.

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