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There is still a place for print…..

It may not be fashionable to say it but..there is still a place for print. The world of digital marketing means that we are heavily involved in “likes”, “shares”, “followers” and “friends”. Website work, analytics and data capture all have a place and are increasingly important but – there is still a place for print.

Whilst our language is increasingly about customer avatars, simple market segmentation means that many businesses still need a document that works without the scrolling of a website. A document that can communicate quality and prestige. That can provide an instant understanding of the product range; the people involved and the values that they help deliver.

Internal Communications

For internal communication the same is true. Whilst the smart phone, apps and QR codes make digital information incredibly accessible there is still a place for print. Covering the stories of real people, in their own words and in what is still the most accessible format. And if print still has a place (which it does) then print design still has a role. The ability to take humble copy and simple images and turn them into engaging, involving articles is a real skill. The ability to get people thinking and more importantly taking their own actions to get involved and get onboard is the test of great design, and great print.

I would be willing to put money on the fact that many of you reading this still subscribe to the printed version of a magazine, you may even keep those editions to which you feel particularly attached. I would also suggest that these work best for specialty interests and for the effective communication of quality, history, heritage, continuity and knowledge.

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