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Mea: Branding the Digital Fortress


About the project

Mea’s suite of security products is designed to tackle the threat from AI head on and ensure the integrity of digital evidence.

Renowned for its innovative approach, Mea employs the latest in blockchain technology and advanced encryption to identify the smallest change or error, always guarding against and ever growing threat of AI’s near perfect manipulation of digital files.

Mea’s outstanding commitment to digital security has pitched them against world-leading technology manufacturers used by millions of people everyday. To succeed they needed a brand to match, a brand that established them in a highly competitive market place.

It was a challenge, but definitely one we rose to, delivering solid creative that helps tell the unique story of a world leading technology business from Milton Keynes.


Multiple products, multiple audiences across multiple markets.  All with a product that most people didn’t know they needed, yet.

This was going to be a different kind of project.

Globally, we were faced with the task of establishing a new brand, offering two new incredibly complex products, into two highly competitive tech markets with no prior brand history and, for the most part, to decision makers that were largely unaware of the upcoming threat of AI.

This was before AI became the #1 search term on Google.  This was before ChatGPT changed the game.

Oh, and could we do it all before the next big industry exhibition in around 10 weeks (although it’s really only 8 weeks to allow for printing and delivery)?

Sure we can.


Develop a Distinct Brand Identity: We crafted a new brand identity for Mea that embodied its role as an innovator in digital security, ensuring it stood out in the global tech market.

Strategic Market Positioning: Position Mea as a leader in blockchain technology and advanced encryption for digital asset protection, our strategy involved comprehensive market research and customer insights.

Tailoring Communication and Brand Architecture: We refined Mea’s brand messaging to cater to the police force’s focus on security and the car insurance market’s emphasis on fraud detection and efficiency, ensuring relevance and appeal in both sectors.

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