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Lantmannen: Freshly Baked Internal Comms Magazine


About the project

Lantmännen Unibake is one of Europe’s largest bakery groups with a €1billion turnover from 34 bakeries in 16 countries.  They produce a range of breads, cakes and pastries for retailers like Tesco and restaurants like Burger King.  Operating since 1880, growth has come from acquiring businesses in new regions and territories under the banner “One Unibake”, galvanising each new business with a renewed mission and vision.


Made up of over 34 countries and with a presence on every continent, internal communications is a critical function.  At one site in the UK, over 7 languages are spoken!

Lantmännen Unibake approached Beach with a question:  How can we bring this diverse group of professional bakers, technicians and management teams together across multiple countries and languages?


It was important to us, and them, that we understand the culture before we try to help.  We were given the time to really get to know the business.  We talked directly to everyone involved in the manufacturing process, from the shop floor to the board room.  Complete access to understand what makes the business tick.

We realised quite quickly that the business was founded very differently to most others.  A ‘B-Corp’ before being a B-Corp was fashionable, they had a purpose toward billions of smiling tummies.

To help bring that vision to everyone, we developed a highly stylised internal magazine infused with energy.  The bright and colourful design reflected the businesses growth whilst the production on recycled and sustainably sourced paper helped meet the high standards Lantmännen Unibake sets itself for protecting the future. Content is drawn from all over the business reflecting everyone and helping bring their purpose to life.

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