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Holophane: They're not lights, they're luminaires


About the project

Holophane Ltd, part of the global Acuity Brands, is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of luminaires providing high quality lighting solutions for private development and public projects.

Founded in London in 1898, they’re famous for combining high quality production with superior style values to produce pieces for iconic venues. A key feature of their product range was it’s size, over 117 products across 11 categories with 1000s of variations for each one.  This complexity meant that customers were often left unable to find the information they needed to make a decision, resulting in some users moving over to competitors who offered a better online experience.


We needed to understand what their users wanted from a website.  Building a super-fast, database driven website to enable users to access product information, technical data, images, installation guides, photometry data and application advice was a challenge, but did we need it?

To answer the question, we profiled each of the three primary decision makers. We engaged each group and understood what they needed from the site and a challenge presented itself; Lighting Designers, Electrical Consultants and Specifiers all looked for something different.


We developed a lightweight framework for delivering product information super-fast.  We overlayed an intuitive User Interface that meant finding information was incredibly simply, in fact, you could access over 90% of the product catalogue in just a few clicks from the home page.  Finally, we developed customer journeys tailored to the big three customer personas:

  • Lighting Designers could easily access Installation Images and Photometry data which they could use to build visual representations for their clients.
  • Electrical Consultants had almost instant access to the required technical data and case studies that helped them build confidence in the products.
  • Specifiers were able to compare products directly and were given a direct CTA to supply alternative specifications which could be matched.

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