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Connect with multiple B2B decision makers in one business and significantly improve your digital marketing ROI. We’re Beach Marketing, your multi-service B2B digital marketing agency.

If you’re stumped for time or can’t think of a digital marketing strategy to get to those ‘hard-to-reach’ audiences, work with us – It’s what we love doing most. We know there are many factors that go into your business processes and needs change as prospects move through the buying cycle from ‘unaware’ to ‘sold & serving’. It’s why we take a rounded approach and deliver a multitude of proven digital solutions that get results.

Digital Marketing - Organic SEO optimisation Milton Keynes

Search Engine Optimisation

Organically increase online visibility, website traffic, and generate quality leads with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is the art and science of placing your website as high up in Google or Bing search results for query’s related to your products or services. If that sounds like an easy job, you probably haven’t tried it before. The truth is that it’s neither easy nor quick, but it is worth it, delivering leads directly to you. Our tried, tested, and reliable process for developing high-ranking website pages guarantees your customers will find you.

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Digital Marketing - Managed PPC campaigns Milton Keynes

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Instantly increase website traffic and generate leads with Pay Per Click (PPC). In contrast with SEO, PPC is quick. In fact, with PPC, you can have a campaign up and running in just a few hours, immediately featuring on your audience’s screens. It’s a fantastic short-term solution to get your campaign moving. We offer a wide range of paid ad campaigns that target new and existing customers, plus every pound spent is tracked and attributed.

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Email Marketing

Stay connected, drive sales, and increase your customer lifetime value with targeted email communications. If you’ve got a list of existing or previous customers, you’re already halfway to tapping into repeat business. Our email marketing solutions unlock the potential of your database and convert your contacts into buying customers.

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Marketing Automation

Rapidly generate leads and improve ROI through Marketing Automation. There’s a multitude of possibilities and benefits with Marketing Automation. From improved productivity to robust lead nurturing, this marketing solution has time and time again proven to be a worthwhile investment. Our marketing automation strategies maximise this tech’s possibilities, and enables a seamless experience for your customers, and promises impressive ROI.

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Social Media Management

Explore a range of possibilities with social media. From reaching new audiences and creating new sales channels to changing the way people think and feel about your brand. With tools like social listening, opens access to conversations and insights around your brand. Our social media strategies work to make an impact and amplify or change those opinions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is B2B digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a phrase used to refer to all your company’s online marketing efforts. Specialise these efforts for businesses who sell to other companies, then you get B2B digital marketing.

What does B2B digital marketing involve?

It starts with setting goals and objectives. This is called a digital marketing strategy and it’s all about how you’re going to get where you want to be. Work with us to outline your goals and set clear objectives. Our team will highlight some key marketing solutions like SEM, marketing automation, and social media to get your strategy moving forward.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is applying SEO and PPC in a combined effort to increase search visibility for selected keywords and phrases. It involves optimising your website and search advertising platforms, like Google and Microsoft Ads. Our goal is to increase the volume of relevant website visitors and convert them into paying customers.

How can SEM help my B2B business?

Search Engine Marketing helps businesses expand and build connections that begin online. SEM works for a multitude of industries, from consumer-focused products to advanced manufacturing. Regardless if your business faces tough competition, or if online searches are limited, a well defined search engine marketing strategy can unlock revenue driving opportunities.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is about optimising efforts to enhance efficiency, improve lead management, and increase the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Essentially is a tech that combines data and marketing efforts across multiple channels to facilitate a more personalised customer experience.

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Content marketing

How do you move your prospects from ‘unaware’ to ‘sold and serving’? It’s about building trust. Building trust when they’re ‘happy with their existing suppliers’, ‘not interested’, or ‘just looking’. Build trust early and by the time their buying cycle comes round again, you’ll be top of mind and ready to go.


Website design

Your website is your brands digital storefront. It’s about making a good first impression. In fact, you’ve got around 10 seconds to make that good first impression, tell your visitors what you’re about, and who you serve. So, you’ve got to make it count.


Exhibition design & marketing

Are you exhibiting at a trade show? What will you do differently this year? How will you ‘gain the edge’? Rather than doing the classic fish bowl prize draw, be bold and make your exhibition the talk of the show, attract engaged visitors, and generate quality business relationships.


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