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The B2B Email Marketing Agency for Industrial Legends

Tap into your contacts and generate a pipeline of repeat business with email marketing. If you’ve got a list of contacts – prospects that have made an enquiry, customers who’ve previously purchased, or someone who’s simply signed up for your newsletter – then you’re already halfway there. So why not re-engage your contacts, drive sales, and increase your customers lifetime value with target email campaigns? We’re Beach Marketing, the B2B Email Marketing Agency for Manufacturers, Builders, and Makers of Things.

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing, in a nutshell, is all about crafting tailored, engaging emails that spark a conversation with other businesses. Unlike the quick and casual chats, you might have with individual customers, email marketing is more of a sophisticated soiree. They’re less about impulse buys and more about nurturing relationships – one that matures and gets better over time. Email marketing is still the #1 method for securing sales and sometimes in volume, but it takes technical knowledge and expertise to make it successful. Work with us, and it’s done for you.

Beach Marketing – The B2B Email Marketing Agency

We’re the B2B email marketing agency developing proven strategies that connect you with decision makers and deliver tangible results. Here’s why:

Industry Experience

Decades spent listening to the waves of B2B trends and developments makes us the seasoned choice.

Cost-effective & Innovative Tools

We’ve tried and tested a range of email marketing tools so we know which are best for results at the best price.

Long Sales Cycle Support

B2B sales cycles are often longer than B2C. But we’ve developed email marketing strategies that engage all potential decision-makers throughout the process.

Omni-channel Excellence

We take an holistic approach with your overall digital marketing strategy and unify messages across all marketing activities.

Does this sound like a B2B Email Marketing Agency you’d like to work with?

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How it works

Email Automation & Lead Generation

Email marketing is more than sending out an update or a newsletter. Yes, those comms are great, and often effective, but there’s so much more that can be done with it.

Automated Email Comms B2B Email Marketing Agency

Automated Comms

Whether you’ve placed an order, made an enquiry, or simply put an item in your basket and forgot to purchase, you usually get a follow up email. As you read that you probably thought about a time you dealt with a B2C company, but there’s no reason this can’t be applied in B2B email marketing. When someone takes action with your business, an automated email comm can add value and credibility, personalising their journey with your brand.

Marketing Automation B2B Email Marketing Agency

Marketing Automation

When you write a blog, and it sits on your website you use Google Analytics to monitor performance. When you send that blog out in an email campaign you use your email marketing tool to monitor performance. When you share that blog on social media you might use a social media management software to monitor performance. That’s a lot of platforms to gather data about your audience, but what if you could combine all your marketing channels into one? And nurture visitors into qualifying leads using data captured through each touchpoint? It’s all made possible with Marketing Automation.


A Complete B2B Email Marketing Agency Package

B2B Email Marketing Strategy Session

Let’s define your email marketing objectives and develop a solid strategy. Our strategy sessions aren’t just meetings, they’re vision setting workshops.

Email Marketing Tool Setup

We’ll setup your account, upload your branded assets and segmented data list, and install the sign-up forms on the relevant areas of your website.

Email Template Design

Let’s create branded and engaging email templates for every type of email comms outlined in your strategy session. We’ll include links to all the important areas of your website, social media accounts, as well as compelling call-to-actions and the necessary legal jargon.

A/B Testing

The better we understand your data list, the better chance we have in converting them into paying customers. That’s why we continuously test and monitor varied messaging, content, email templates and more to underpin the best approach for best results.

Reporting & Insights

Critical email marketing metrics like open rates, click-throughs, and conversions are delivered every month, outlining your success and ROI. We’ll continue to monitor and optimise your email campaigns for top results.

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Let’s talk, chat, email,
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