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The construction sector is accountable for 6% of the UK’s GDP.

It’s responsible for building the nation. And let’s be honest - we all know a builder. It has its ups and downs, but like most industries, it relies on the performance of our economy. With that said, the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) forecasts 1.3% annual growth for the construction sector from 2021 to 2025. That’s potentially worth £11.7 billion and it’s driven by advancements in green building technologies, the rise of smart cities, and a resurgence in infrastructure projects. So, what does this mean for construction companies? As the industry shifts towards more sustainable and technologically integrated practices, the demand for construction companies to not only adapt but lead in innovation is critical to remain competitive. This transformation requires a strategic approach, one that not only highlights a company’s capabilities, but also positions it as a forward-thinking leader in the construction space. That’s what we do. Enable construction companies to be the brand of choice and generate long-term growth. We’re a B2B construction marketing agency with proven strategies that challenge and grow industrial brands, launch new products, and enter new markets.


Connect with key decision makers with B2B construction marketing

Construction involves complex projects with multiple stakeholders, and it relies heavily on trust and reputation. Connecting with the right decision-makers and overcoming established networks for a chance to vendor without a recommendation is challenging. But work with Beach, and it’s done for you. Whether you’re a building product manufacturer, contractor, developer, architect, installer, surveyor, or any other construction business, we’re experts at connecting and building relationships with key decision-makers within the construction industry.

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Construction case studies:

Snows Timber | A heritage brand becomes the contemporary choice

We develop a British heritage brand into a competitive timbers merchant, increasing sales and market share.

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Trusted by global B2B construction brands

Our customers have several things in common. They make great things, they're global, they're big (sometimes really big) and they struggle to explain what they do at BBQs and Birthdays. Sound familiar? Here are some fantastic brands we've been working with over the last 15 years that you've 'probably' never heard of.


With our construction marketing expertise, we deliver focused strategies and marketing solutions to assist with achieving your business objectives.

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How we Work

Our approach is the fuel of our success as a B2B marketing agency for construction companies and it drives results for our clients:


Marketing thrives when it has clear outcomes. All too often success is treated as a vague concept. We drill down into your definition of success, clarify it, define it and use it as a measure against every action we take to achieve it.



The modern customer journey is rarely direct. Customers drop in and out of your marketing infrastructure in different ways. We use data insight to develop a clear link between actions and outcomes, so we know what works (and what doesn’t).



With clear outcomes and analytics, great often defines your marketing. Wherever it's applied great creative starts with the concept, the big idea, and is the underlying creative direction from which all other things will flow.



We’re all looking for results. At the end of the day it’s results that move us forward and its results that build success. To be truly successful, that is repeatedly successful, we’ll combine instinctive design with detailed analytics to achieve your business objectives.



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