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When you think about having a website, what is it that you want it to do? Generate leads? Educate visitors? Increase your sales revenue? Outlining your goals is a great place to start when developing a website. As a leading B2B web development agency, your goals are where we start when we develop websites that deliver results.

But with B2B websites, multiple decision makers are in the buying cycle, often makes achieving your goals that bit trickier. Lucky for you, that’s what we love doing most. Finding those hard-to-reach audiences, creating buyer personas, and creating personalised journeys within a winning website that accelerates your buying cycle.

We’re Beach Marketing, a B2B web development agency dedicated to working with Manufacturers, Builders, and Makers of Things.

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Beach Marketing - The Leading B2B Web Development Agency

Our process is simple but thorough. We encompass everything about web development to ensure we deliver your goals. So, how does hiring a web development agency, like Beach Marketing, work?

Deep Dive Discovery

Understanding your business and clients inside-out, from objectives and pain-points to target audience and competitive positioning.

Strategic Wireframing

Creating a blueprint of the website’s structure, focusing on what makes sense and user pathways.

Innovative Design & Prototyping

Combining creativity with functionally, we ensure the design aspect perfectly aligns with your brand while staying user-centric.

Rigorous User Testing

Real-world testing with actual users to identify areas that can be improved and optimise these to deliver a seamless user experience.

Sexy Design


Once perfected, we bring the design to life, integrating it seamlessly into your B2B digital landscape.

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Website Development Platforms

Our platform of choice for developing websites is the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), the most popular platform in the world, with 810 million websites and counting. However, we understand that your business may have specific platform requirements that are best served using an alternative CMS. Our diverse and skilled team are able to work on a number of platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Joomla, Typo3, SquareSpace, Umbraco and more.

WordPress Web Development Agency
Shopify Web Development Agency
Magento Web Development Agency
Joomla Web Development Agency
SquareSpace Web Development Agency
Umbraco Web Development Agency
User Centric Web Development Agency with UI/UX

User-Centred Web Development Agency

Whilst other web development agencies treat user experience (UX) design as an afterthought, our approach is user first. Well-designed user interfaces see a conversion rate of more than 200%. But UX is about helping visitors get what they need and can increase conversion rates by up to 400%. It’s why our team of web developers combine your brands look and feel of your website with robust functionality. Working closely with our design and SEO team, our developers have created a portfolio of successful websites for industrial and manufacturing legends. We understand B2B audiences better than most, and delivering your goals is simply the reason why we exists as a web development agency.

Front End Web Development Agency

Front End Web Development

Front end web development involves the creation of the visual aspects of a website that users interact with. It uses languages like HTML, CCS, and JavaScript to develop the layout, design, and interactivity.

With a keen eye for technical detail, our web developers can make a difference to both your visitors experience and, ultimately, your ROI. We ensure visual aspects of the site are available at the right moment to reduce load times, and navigation is both engaging and effective.

Mobile Responsive Web Development Agency

Responsive Website Design

With mobile browsing increasingly becoming popular and critical for search rankings, it’s essential that your website is responsive to display correctly on any mobile device. Work with us, and you’ll always be one step ahead. We optimise all your webpages so whatever device your website visitors use to land on your website, their experience is on top form.

Does this sound like a B2B Web Development Agency you’d like to work with?

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Bespoke B2B Solutions for Industrial Legends

Be it Manufacturing, Construction, Energy or Marine – each industry comes with its set of challenges and requirements. At Beach, we’re proud of our industrial knowledge and experience, and crafting tailored web development strategies that resonate with your industry-specific audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is website development?

What’s the first thing you think about when you land on a website? Speed? Design? Information? Navigation? All of these encompass good web development. It’s the process of creating and maintaining websites. It involves back and front web development, database management, UI/UX. Whilst we’re happy to talk for hours on the subject of programming languages, frameworks, CSS, plug-ins and security etc… It’s not the subject that interests many of our clients, but you can be sure were up to date with the latest practices. Safe to say we’ve been trusted to deliver first class websites built on the latest technology to the highest standards.

What makes a great, results-driven website?

It’s all about your audience – inspiring them, understanding what they’re looking for, and making it easy for them to navigate around your website. They say, nothing worth doing is easy. But we’d disagree with that when it comes to the customer journey. At Beach Marketing, we believe that seamless experiences foster better business relationships, and we’re at the forefront of merging your audience and goals with state-of-the-art web development. This perfect harmony ensures your stakeholders are not just visiting, but engaging, converting, and becoming brand advocates.

Will my website be mobile responsive?

Whatever the device, whatever the screen size, your website should perform perfectly and look great. That’s why we take responsiveness seriously. Our approach is to build and design “mobile first”, today over 60% of website traffic comes from a mobile or tablet, so why should we design and build a website that only looks good on desktop?

Can you integrate my existing CRM into the new website?

Absolutely, lead generation and marketing automation is a big part of what we do. As a web development agency we know how to make your CMS play nicely with your CRM, streamlining your sales process and ensuring that lead nurturing becomes automatic.

Can you integrate my management information system into the new website?

Integrating a management information system (MIS) with your ecommerce website saves a lot of time and hassle for our clients. Update products on your MIS and it’s simultaneously updated on your website. Talk to us about your MIS and we’ll create the API technology to integrate with your website.

What post launch web development support do you offer?

As your web development agency, we’re on hand to troubleshoot, refine and enhance your website post launch. From plug-in and security updates to performance and vulnerability reviews, we’re dedicated to keeping your website functioning, safe and secure. Your website will receive a 30-day technical warranty that covers the uptime of the site. Why not ask us about our ongoing support and maintenance contracts that guarantee a 99.7% uptime?

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Let’s talk, chat, email,
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