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Your customers are “Taking Action” – You are making yourself “Valuable”

The Buying Cycle – Stage 5 – Action – In stage five your prospects are taking action. Your role is to make yourself valued. So, the objective is to move away from price comparison and to establish bona fide partnerships. Partnerships based on trust and a deep understanding of your customers’ needs.

Your role at this point is not only to be committed in your product development. To be committed in your service development and delivery. To be committed in the management of your accounts, your account holders and to be authentic at all times.

The validation continues so it is all about delivery and “proof of concept”. Your prospects are looking for reasons to develop the relationship. Reasons to show that their choice of partner has been vindicated particularly to those who were part of the support network that allowed the relationship to develop this far.

They may still be in a vulnerable position so the creation of material to help “sell” may still be valued. But at this stage it is all about proving the content and the relationship. The actions and the delivery are adding real value and the chances of adopting partnership working are very positive.

As a consequence, the significant point comes as your ability to add value, to become valued may mean a greater involvement in the business beyond your immediate responsibilities. Areas where your perspective is valued; where the value of an alternative view can help resolve issues or take discussions in a different direction.

Buying Cycle – Action – You have become a “Trusted Friend”

But, be very clear. Continued delivery is a “must-have”. Considerable energy, time and resources have been utilised to build effective relationships across the organisation. The successful attainment of  “trusted friend / critical friend” status is highly valued. It may no longer be constrained by price comparisons and formal purchasing processes the ability to deliver consistently and to continue to bring added value remain.

We can help at every stage of the process. More importantly we can work with you to develop the tools to accurately track the buying cycle of your prospects objectively.

Let’s talk – and make The Buying Cycle real for your business.

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