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The agency as sanctuary in an age of wellbeing

What does every agency run on? – We are, as it says on our website, award-winning tea makers. We can, and do talk a lot about The Buying Cycle, the development of digital marketing and its importance; the power of the brand and the necessity for sales and marketing alignment.

But, whilst taking nothing away from any of the elements above everyone knows that every great agency needs tea, or at a squeeze coffee. We run on tea and if truth be told, Ginger Nuts, Bourbons and McVities Chocolate Digestives. We always work better with a little caffeine in our systems, whether that be Intelligent CRM, SONAR or good ol’ work scheduling.

What does every agency run on ?

Of course, we would be the first to suggest the basis of the best client-agency relationships should be based on a range of objective criteria. Indeed we have a blog right here on our website that talks about such a thing. But there is always the need for tea. More importantly, the role of any great agency is to operate beyond the rational confines of the “work”. To recognise that every agency has an existential role to play.

The agency as sanctuary

I may well have lost many of you by now but bear with me. The agency is “sanctuary”. The agency is a “port in a storm”. The place where you will be guaranteed, not just offered, but guaranteed a great cup of tea. Because there are always those days when you need someone to agree with you. To agree with your take on the “work”. To support your views when you may be struggling to get your views understood within the business. Tea is what is needed…. Digestives are optional.

Tea, in an age of wellbeing

Beyond the obvious there is a serious note to this. Wellness, Mental Health and Wellbeing have never enjoyed so much airtime; because they’re important. But the role of tea, sheds and any other prop that creates the space for conversation is to be embraced. Supported. Welcomed. Whether you drink tea, coffee or neither I would urge you to find the space and the time to share whatever you need to. If we can help you do that, then you know where we are.

If you want to make waves in your own sector, then please get in touch. Eight thousand projects in twelve years means we’re experts when it comes to B2B marketing. Our main aim is to provide creative, intuitive and innovative marketing solutions for your business, which is why our services include lead generation, website development, content creation and much, much more.

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