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Time flies when you’re having fun! Yep, that’s right, there’s only 4 weeks left till MACH Exhibition 2024 begins. Last week we spoke about pre-event marketing. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, it’s here. But now, you need to start thinking about what you’re going to do to gain the edge with your exhibition. When we say gain the edge, we mean create a bustling stand with visitors that generates leads and sales. Let us walk you through it with 3 strategies:

1. Make it Fun!

First things first, you need to give visitors a reason to come and talk to you. Host a competition or interactive activity. Make that competition or activity relevant to 3 things; your product, your buyers pain points, and how your product provides a solution. It doesn’t need to be as overtly promotional as it sounds, just enough to spark imagination, but ensure that taking part involves your participants parting with their details.

2. Provide Useful Content

Have you got a case study where your product or service has helped solve problems for a customer? This is great social proof and can be used to answer questions and overcome obstacles when pitching to a potential customer. But you don’t have to give all your content away for nothing. Create a piece of content that can be used as a lead magnet. Of course, it will need to be something worth exchanging details for so ensure that you base your content around your buyers or industry insights.

3. Reserve a Quiet Space for Sales

Trade shows are loud places. It’s a big hall, full of people chatting and demonstrating their products. This might make pitching your product over all the noise more difficult. Make sure you’ve got space set aside from your activities to have engaged conversations.

These 3 easy strategies should help you generate leads and sales at this years MACH exhibition. But in case you need something more, why not download our Ultimate Checklist for Exhibition Success? It contains everything you need make real impact and deliver ROI.

Download our Ultimate Checklist for Exhibition Success

Thinking of exhibiting at MACH 2024 but don’t know where to start?

Download our Ultimate Checklist for Exhibition Success for a step-by-step guide and stand out from the crowd, attract engaged visitors, and generate quality leads.

Download our ultimate checklist for exhibition success at any trade show

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