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The business you lost without even knowing it. If the pandemic has taught us anything it is the value of digital communications and online e-commerce. Even for b2b businesses.

Back in the day the process of qualifying potential customers and potential suppliers was based around references, trial periods, sample creation and business delivery to time and budget.

The business you lost – Digital “always open”

With the advent of the digital “always open” world your business is being evaluated 24/7. Moreover, evaluated by businesses you may not even know are in the market. This evaluation may be relatively informal. It may have no specific timescale and may produce a result with little or no input from you.

So, your digital footprint is under constant scrutiny. Some of it is serious, some of it passing. But it is scrutiny, nevertheless. Your website is both the beginning and the end. The ”Mothership” has at least two roles. It is there to take away all the reasons for saying “no” as well as providing all the reasons for saying “yes”. To this end, it must work. Not some of it. But all of it. Not some of the time. All the time.

Have you travelled your own customer journey?

When was the last time you tried to buy a product from your own company online? Have you actually followed the customer experience that you expect your customer to follow?  Was it seamless? Was it logical and sensible or were there illogical anomalies that could provide all the incentive customers would need to go elsewhere? Depending on the range and complexity of your product or service range this could represent a considerable undertaking. Understanding the journey you expect your customers to go on can provide vital insight.

Analytics can, of course, take you a long way. But it’s not the same.

The business you lost – adding value through digital platforms

The use, adoption and update of digital platforms will add layers to your digital footprint. Firstly, by adding an insight into the more personal side of the business. Secondly by giving a better understanding of the projects and charities you support and finally by illustrating the broader aspects of the sector and how you are seen within it.

90% – That’s a big number

People buy from people. But now anything up to 90% of the “sell” may take place digitally and without any direct staff involvement. Digital platforms can provide a greater understanding of the people who are actually involved in the business and who you can expect to work with as the relationship develops.

Those who you “follow” and “like” will have an influence as well as those you physically support at shows and exhibitions, through partnerships and through digital and physical links.

All of this helps to paint a virtual picture which can be created extremely quickly in the mind of your customers and prospects. It can be enough to initiate a “like” or a “follow” but it may not be enough for a prospect to give up their personal details or to generate a call or direct contact.

The question is always “why work with us” and then to systematically work to take away all the reasons for saying “no”. Only then can you be reasonably sure that you are not losing business without even knowing it.

Let’s Talk – and build a better understanding of your customer journey.

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