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The Buying Cycle – The Six Phases:

In stage four of the buying cycle – validation has been attained. So by moving through the six phases the behaviour of prospects will move through Unaware, Aware, Comparing, Validating, Action and Advocates. More important is the speed at which they move through the six phases and being able to define their position accurately and objectively. Prospects move from being ill-informed and unaware to being effective and supportive long-term advocates for your business.

The Buying Cycle – Stage 4: Validating:

In stage four the evaluation initiated in stage three has expanded into Validation. Those involved have moved beyond the initial contact and may now include a broader decision-making unit with more influencers and decision makers. They will be looking for their own value in the relationship.

So, the chance is now there to become fully embedded and to build value. This stage is all about proof. The communications adopted in earlier stages are now being superseded by much greater detail. This detail will take the form of proposals and product specifications. Moreover, this detail has to be backed up and supported by costs and specifications. These must make sense and create an effective value proposition.

At the same time these will need to be supported by real project management as the understanding of the real needs and the timescales for resolution will now be the tests of the relationship.

Track your customer journey objectively

However, with the greater information and interaction – the challenge is to understand exactly what the needs of your prospects are. A misstep at this stage is expensive in time and commitment. Hence, CRM. CRM systems are not all the same. There are CRM systems and CRM systems. Sonar is a CRM system. An intelligent, objective CRM system.

So, now your role is to be the critical friend to the business. Finally, to entrench yourself as the preferred partner and to build the most valuable business commodity – trust.

We can help at every stage of the process. More importantly we can work with you to develop the tools to accurately track the buying cycle of your prospects objectively.

Let’s talk – and make The Buying Cycle real for your business.

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