Be Known for Who You Are


Be Known for Who You Are


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It takes courage to invest in your brand if financials are off target. It takes guts to venture into new markets. Introducing a new product and challenging established norms calls for boldness. But it all reaps rewards.

That’s why we have the saying, ‘Lets MakeWaves™‘. It means let’s do something new, let’s be bold and make a change, because bold moves get your brand out there. They make you known for who you are.

We’re an experienced brand strategy agency that’s elevated brands to their full potential. We love working with companies that make stuff. Complex stuff that’s hard to explain and targets audiences difficult to reach. Does this sound like a branding agency you’d like to work with?

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Why do I need a B2B brand strategy?

Your brand is how you’re perceived by your audience. It’s the culmination of reputation, design, tone of voice, service, people product quality, and aftercare all rolled into one. But to achieve all this, you need a robust brand strategy that stands the test of time, and a good B2B brand strategy agency, like us, to take you through it. While there are multiple players in the market, here’s why Beach Marketing stands top of the B2B branding ladder:

Creative campaign concepts and direction.

Creative & Innovative Solutions

Don’t just follow trends, set them. Lead the conversation with us. From cutting-edge designs to pioneering strategies, we’re always a step ahead, making your brand not just noticed, but remembered.

Bespoke Brand Strategies

Every business in unique, so your brand should tell the world why it’s different. Our bespoke branding strategies are crafted around your unique business ethos and your audience.

Partner Approach

Don’t hire an agency to work for you, hire an agency that works WITH you. Collaborate with us to understand your vision, challenges, and aspirations for an effective brand strategy that represents your business.

What our clients say

Success Stories

Here’s how we’ve helped other B2B brands with brand strategy

When our clients come to us, the typical issues they face are their competitors, decreasing market share, and falling sales orders. A short-term solution is to apply a quick marketing campaign. Okay, this will cover the cracks for a while but is it really going to get you where you want to be long-term? Branding is about the long-haul and is an indirect form of attracting new business. So position your brand as an authority in your market with a strong identity that says you mean business. We’re Beach Marketing, a trusted B2B brand strategy agency with creative and proven brand strategies that deliver long-term results. Here’s how we do it.

Internal Audits

The term ‘brand development’ is really shorthand for all the actions we take to influence your market perception. The first step is to formulise where you currently stand comparing your business directly to your competitors. The second step is to know that is does matter what you think you are, all that matters is what your audience thinks about you. A Brand Audit is used to formulise the two ends of this spectrum and quantify the shortfall.

Corporate Positioning

This is perhaps the broadest aspect of marketing where product quality, pricing, process effectiveness, communications, behaviour, accessibility, inclusion, and delivery all come together. Think of the brands you recognise or those that you buy and support. How are those businesses positioned in your mind compared to others and how is that position represented throughout the customer journey?

Product Naming

Bringing your products to life is part of what we do. Developing your brand architecture and naming the conventions helps customers quickly identify your products over your competitors. Some industries look to stand out using unusual names (like Dead Happy, a UK life insurance provider) while others stick with a practical approach (like iPhone, iPad, and iMac). The question of product naming is more valuable that it first appears.

Brand Architecture

A brand is a living, breathing entity. It has layers, and influences people’s perception of your business, how much it’s worth and whether they want to engage with you. When looking at the structure of your brand, it’s products and services can fall into many categories. Brand Architecture is the process of ensuring that the overall structure adds value to your customers, not complexity. There are four types of architecture we consider; Branded House, Sub Brands, Endorsed Brands, and House of Brands.</

Core Values & Beliefs

Simon Sinek speaks far better on this subject than we can, “When the things you say and the things you do are in alignment with what you actually believe, a thriving culture emerges. Moving values off the wall and into everyday actions of the team is easiest and most inspiring way to build a values based organisation.”

Go to Market Strategy

How do you bring your new idea to life, turn it into the next thing and deliver it to market faster and more effectively that your competitors? That’s the focus of a ‘Go To Market’ strategy. This is a crucial stage in your product’s life cycle, so don’t’ stuff it up. Instead, use a highly creative B2B brand strategy agency, focused on delivering results. Like us!

Does this sound like a B2B
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How else we can help you

Brand development

Your brand encapsulates everything your customers know about you. It’s more than your logo or website, it goes beyond your products and services. It’s how the customer perceives your brand. It doesn’t matter if you’re products are faster, lighter and stronger than your competitors, it only matters that the market knows they are.


Creative services

Creativity. The staple product of agencies the world over. No wrong answers just pure creativity that delivers in line the brand driven from a different perspective that builds confidence, trust, and reassurance. Drive your business into the fast lane with outside the box ideas and creative services.


Exhibition design & marketing

Are you exhibiting at a trade show? What will you do differently this year? How will you ‘gain the edge’? Rather than doing the classic fish bowl prize draw, be bold and make your exhibition the talk of the show, attract engaged visitors, and generate quality business relationships.


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