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Koyo: Challenger brand becomes the benchmark in bearings


About the project

Koyo is a manufacturer of high quality of bearings and part of the world famous Toyota Group, producing over 100,000 variations of ball and roller bearings.  As an expert in their field, Koyo is supplies industries as vital as automotive, aviation, agriculture, construction, marine and wind.

Without bearings the world would quite literally, grind to a halt.  They go in almost anything that moves and, in most cases, are considered ‘no fail’ items, a vital part of any machinery that many people take for granted.


As a challenger brand Koyo needed to raise the perception of its manufacturing business.  It’s products were already specified on world class machinery, cars that race at over 200mph and rockets destined to take people into space.  Their quality was undisputable.

With brands like Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen Audi Group, Suzuki, Bosch, Triumph, BMW, and many others already persuaded, we needed to take the business further.  We needed to bring their quality to life and generate a much higher profile for these brilliant machines.


We worked through a lot of existing collateral developed for the US and Japanese markets. We focused on the idea that the UK was different.  We needed something specifically for these shores and developed a campaign around the ‘Benchmark for Bearings’.

We immediately set about establishing Koyo as the benchmark for comparison and started winning market share from significant competitors.  The strategy highlighted the benefits of using Koyo products, showcasing their longevity, strength and relative lightness.  This was supported with Direct Mail to over 500 engineers and online activity leading users to personalised landing pages.

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