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Attending MACH Exhibition 2024 was an opportunity to witness the future of manufacturing, which as a B2B marketing manager specialising in manufacturing, is an essential pilgrimage. This year’s event was a space of innovation, showcasing cutting edge solutions that demonstrated enhanced operational efficiency, and others redefined industry standards.

From transformative automation tools to next-gen machining technologies, the exhibition was a showcase of advancements that are set to revolutionise how we think about manufacturing. In my post-MACH exhibition review, I aim to bring these innovations into the spotlight, providing a detailed glimpse into how they benefit businesses in manufacturing. So, let’s get the production line in motion.

igus® Module Connect

Motion plastics company igus® brought their Red Dot Design Award winning modular connector system to MACH 2024, showcasing a time and space saving design that allows for a fully customised plug-in and disconnect point. The Module Connect eliminates the need for multiple individual connectors that clutter machine space.  It is a sleek and minimalistic design that simply gets the job done.

This product can be used in nearly every industry working with electric cables from fibre optic cables to encoder cables and pneumatic hoses. The igus® design provides an almost unlimited number of variations possible in terms of individual widths and heights, for every application. A seasoned MACH attendee such as igus® understand the importance of always delivering fresh and useful products to the customer and Module Connect is certainly following this trend, with live demonstrations being held throughout the show to shed some light on the design for prospective customers.

With the customer in mind, igus® will wire the connector according to production drawings that the customer pre-approves. Not only does this design save on valuable space but igus® products are made to last and reduce downtime with tried and tested inserts, delivering a cost-effective solution to all customers.

Igus Motion Plastic's brings their Module Connect to MACH Exhibition

ZOLLER UK powerShrink 400

ZOLLER UK captivated visitors at MACH 2024, showcasing a range of world -leading tool presetting and inspection technologies, including the launch of the new advanced heat shrink solution: the powerShrink 400.

The powerShrink 400 is an effortlessly efficient heat shrinking system that takes less than 10 seconds to shrink-clamp a tool. Providing a high degree of rotational accuracy, longer tool life, and reduced tooling costs, the ZOLLER powerShrink allows manufacturers to be ready for production in under a minute.

The shrink-clamp process has been reimagined to increase efficiency in line assembly, with up to 30% energy savings and long-term sustainable savings. A light-controlled user guidance and full-colour 12.5 inch detailed display puts operators in control, regardless of their experience by providing step-by-step guidance, with clear images and large function buttons.

The ZOLLER powerShrink 400’s induction coil connects two parallel windings within the coil activated and controlled separately, accelerating the heating and cooling processes whilst ensuring optimum protection and simple, clear, safe operation.

Speaking with Rob Thompson, ZOLLER UK Sales Director, he said: “It was another incredibly exciting year for us at MACH,”

“We were able to demonstrate why we continue to be an industry leader here at ZOLLER UK, with the launch of the powerShrink 400 for the first time here in the UK.

“We are excited to now continue building on the success of this year’s MACH exhibition, helping manufacturers across a range of industries to elevate their shopfloor processes.”

ZOLLER UK brings their powerShrink 400 to MACH Exhibition

Röhm iJaw

At MACH 2024, Röhm GmbH, a leading specialist in clamping and gripping technology from Sontheim an der Brenz, Germany, unveiled a groundbreaking innovation: the iJaw. This is the first chuck jaw in the industry to be equipped with sensor technology and wireless data transmission, setting a new standard for precision in machining.

The iJaw represents a significant leap in manufacturing technology by enabling real-time clamping force measurement during machining processes. This smart system transmits data directly to a gateway using the industry standard IO-Link Wireless, allowing OEMs to integrate these capabilities seamlessly into their machines. With real-time data displayed on HMI screens, operators can adjust and monitor clamping forces with unprecedented accuracy.

The potential of iJaw extends beyond new installations. Röhm has also developed an After Market iJaw upgrade kit, which can be used to retrofit existing machinery. This flexibility ensures that more manufacturers can adopt this innovative technology without the need to invest in entirely new equipment.

Rohm bring their iJaw Clamping Force Measurement to MACH Exhibition

Prolink UK QC-CALC Real-time, SPC Office Buddy, & QC-Mobile

Prolink UK’s debut at MACH 2024 was a huge success, thousands of visitors flocked onto their stand to be one of the first to witness this newly established software division of the Carfulan Group in action.

Prolink UK hosted live demonstrations of their software, featuring Prolink’s QC-CALC Real-TimeSPC Office Buddy, and QC-Mobile software solutions, illustrating how these software solutions empower manufacturers with real-time data monitoring, automated reporting, and unrivalled shopfloor integration.

“It was brilliant to showcase our suite of advanced software solutions to so many visitors, demonstrating how it can help them to achieve a seamless production process with full shopfloor visibility and understanding.” said Graham Shaw, Prolink UK General Manager.

Prolink UK offers an entire suite of easy-to-use software solutions, designed to address and automate the data collection and quality analysis of tasks performed throughout any organisation. These can be integrated with any brand and over 300 varieties of measurement machines, tooling machines and moulding machines. One of the unique features of Prolink software is the variety of packages and licenses available, giving users the ability to access their data anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Prolink UK bring their QC-CALC Real-time, SPC Office Buddy, and QC-Mobile software solutions to MACH Exhibition

Measurement Solutions Ltd (MSL) Creaform MetraSCAN 3D

Measurement Solutions Limited (MSL) drew in MACH 2024 attendees with their presentation of the MetraSCAN 3D, an advanced optical CMM scanning system designed for the shop floor. As the most efficient and reliable scanning system on the market, the MetraSCAN 3D is engineered to deliver highly accurate measurements in real-world industrial conditions, thriving even in the most challenging environments.

The MetraSCAN 3D stands out due to its versatility and ability to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows. It’s particularly beneficial for industries where precision is paramount, such as aerospace, manufacturing, and automotive sectors. The scanner’s ability to handle complex, detailed parts and assemblies with incredible speed and precision underscores its value as a tool for quality control and rapid prototyping.

Featuring TRUaccuracy technology, the MetraSCAN 3D ensures accurate measurements regardless of the instability of the environment, user experience, or part positioning. It boasts up to 1.5 million measurements per second, facilitating quick and efficient data capture, which is essential in reducing turnaround times and enhancing productivity on the production floor.

MSL’s commitment to innovation was further demonstrated through interactive demonstrations, where MetraSCAN 3D’s capabilities were shown first-hand. These live demos provided attendees with a clear understanding of how the technology functions and its potential impact on their operations, making it a standout feature of this year’s MACH exhibition.

Measurement Solutions bring their CREAFORM 3D Scanner to MACH Exhibition

As I close the chapter on MACH 2024, I feel inspired by the scale and ingenuity of the innovations unveiled. This event proved to be more than a trade show, but a vivid projection of the future of manufacturing – a future that promises greater efficiency, enhanced safety, and superior quality.

As we look towards MACH 2026, the anticipation for what the next exhibition holds is undeniable. If you are contemplating exhibiting, consider how a bespoke exhibition design and targeted event marketing could elevate your presentation. At Beach Marketing, we excel in crafting environments and event marketing strategies that highlight your innovations, deeply engage visitors, and capture quality leads.

Are you exhibiting at MACH 2026?

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