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"There’s scope for optimism according to a Make UK Executive Survey, with 74% of manufacturers expecting growth in exports to the EU in the next 12 months." - Extract from UK Manufacturing, White Paper

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In the 12 months up to the end of January 2024, the total value of goods exported amounted to £389.3 billion globally, with £183.2 billion exported to the EU (around 47% of total goods exports). Despite Brexit and the challenges it brought, it’s clear UK manufacturers continue to navigate the evolving trade landscape, finding opportunities within the complexities of new trade relations.

Recent trends indicate a nuanced shift, with slight increases in specific export categories to the EU and burgeoning opportunities driven by digital transformation and sustainability goals. Our new white paper highlights the essential role of innovation, particularly in sustainable practices and digital technologies, as a competitive edge for UK manufacturers in the EU market.

The document outlines the details of trading within the EU, noting the criticality of navigating regulatory changes, understanding market-specific demands, and leveraging the UK's strengths in technology and sustainability. We underscore the importance of B2B marketing strategies in penetrating these markets, advocating for a thorough understanding of market dynamics, customer preferences, and effective entry strategies.

Through detailed analysis, our white paper identifies the key EU markets UK manufacturing exports to, each with unique challenges and opportunities.

To successfully tap into these opportunities, our white paper outlines a structured marketing approach that includes market research, product adaptation, compliance, branding, positioning, and an adept entry strategy.

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'The team at Beach Marketing are excited to present this new white paper, to serve as a comprehensive guide for UK manufacturers looking to explore or expand their footprint in the EU market. It not only sheds light on the challenges and opportunities in exporting to the EU, but also offers a roadmap to navigate these waters successfully.'

Steve Bishop FCIM, Director, Beach Marketing

How UK manufacturers can win in EU markets

Given the optimism amongst UK manufacturers around export growth in Europe, the team at Beach Marketing set out to uncover the scope of opportunity with market research. Understanding the scale and potential of the EU market for UK manufacturers has outlined its value, which shows growth despite leaving the Single Marketing in 2021. This analysis provides the significance of the EU as the UK’s largest trading partner, and scope for potential to UK manufacturing.

There then bears the question around current and future trade relations between the two markets, which post-Brexit, trade dynamics are both complex and fluid. The analysis provides a current overview around UK-EU trade relations, laying down a foundation for strategic planning and risk management.

To provide UK manufacturers with a route to market, it was important to understand the broad trends in the EU, and nuanced trends within specific markets to equip UK manufacturers with the knowledge to predict demand, adapt products, and a source to tailor marketing strategies effectively.

UK Trade in 12 Months - Jan 24

Entering the EU market is a multifaceted journey that requires a well-crafted strategy. Supported by our market research, the white paper delineates a universal path for UK manufacturers to successfully navigate this landscape and win business. This includes reference to an example of our work that made significant impact in the EU market, followed with a 12-month EU strategic launch plan, considering key EU marketing factors and associated risks.

Together these components fabricate a thought-out route for UK manufacturers to enter and thrive in the EU market. By integrating these strategic elements, businesses can explore a thoughtful approach to market penetration or expansion, positioning themselves for success in the competitive European arena.

Marketing Plan 2024/2025

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For those intrigued by the potential of the EU market for UK manufacturers, please download your free copy below. It offers deep insights, strategic guidance, and a pragmatic approach to harnessing export opportunities in a changing trade landscape. By downloading and delving into this whitepaper, businesses can equip themselves with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of EU export markets, ensuring sustained growth and competitiveness in the years to come.